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Every pet deserves quality and affordable veterinary care
regardless of financial status.

What Our Happy Pet Adopters Say

April 2021
Wanted to send you an update on Sophie!
She is so happy and healthy! She is the best dog!
Thank you so much for allowing us to become a family!

Sweeney Family

June 2021
Kiki chose me when I first met her, she simply would not let me put her down and was showing me an incredible amount of affection. It's been almost a year since I adopted her, and her affection has grown tremendously with her constantly following me around and sleeping curled up either next to me or on my chest with her purr motor running all the time. 

Lauren Taylor

Nov. 2021
193 days. That’s how long handsome Hank had to wait for a home. All because he has FIV.

To say Hank is a great cat is an understatement of epic proportions. I adopted Hank 4 days ago. He has completely settled in and is slowly making friends with his new kitty siblings. He is extremely affectionate, playful, and even tempered. He seems so happy to have a home and lots of toys to play with.

He will be a spoiled rotten boy for the rest of his life.

Teresa  Sherburne

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