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The Jean H. Kislak Community Dog Park

The Jean H. Kislak Community Dog Park, located on Camden Street in Rockport, is a gently sloping fenced-in dog park, with separate areas for large and small dogs to romp around.
Both of the fenced-in areas offer double-gated entryways, benches for dog owners to enjoy and water (in season).
The dog park has a park-like ambience with selected trees and other natural features.

All the maintenance and upkeep of the park is funded by donations. Please consider leaving a donation in the donation box near the small dog area to show your appreciation for using the park.

*** In order to maintain a healthy area for our dogs to run and
play it is very important that owners cleanup after their
dogs in the dog park. ***

​If you have questions or comments about the park and park operations of if you would like to volunteer to help out at the park, please contact P.A.W.S. at

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