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Green Eyed Cat

Our Mission

To provide care for homeless dogs and cats until they can be placed in permanent, responsible homes while promoting humane values in our community through outreach and educational programs.



A humane world for every animal.


Core Values






We have contracts with the towns of:

Appleton, Belmont, CamdenRockportLincolnvilleBelfastHopeNorthportSearsmontLiberty

Islesboro and Swanville.

We invite you to visit or, better yet, volunteer!

You just may find that walking a dog, petting cats or cleaning a room

will give you a sense of satisfaction and peace.


The animals would love to see you and so would we.

PAWS Staff

Gwendolyn Hudson, Interim Director

Meghan O'Connor, Shelter Director

Allison Parker, Shelter Manager

Kathy Moretti, Director of Clinic Operations, LVT 

Stephanie Smit, Director of Community Services 

Admin. & Development Services Coordinator

Paula Horton, Volunteer Coordinator

Jaimee Watts, Bookkeeper

Medical Team

Jodie James, Veterinarian

Grace Simonson, Veterinarian

Kate Pierce, Veterinarian

Jessica Wadowski, Veterinary Technician

Karen Fulbeck, Veterinary technician

Sarah Englander,  Veterinary Assistant

Animal Care Attendants

Michael Compton

Zachary Cunningham

Melissa Greely

Sarah Powell

Keagen Sprague

Kristen Tripp

Board of Trustees

Michelle Davis, President

Jill Parker, Vice President

Rieko "Ree" McCarthy, Treasurer

Contact Ree

Andrew Weeks, Secretary

Cheryl Ayer


Tom Griffith

Debra Hall

Jean White

Contact Jean

PAWS is a Fear Free Shelter

Fear Free was founded in 2016 with a mission to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them. By empowering our staff and volunteers to apply the broad concepts, strategies and techniques, we can reduce fear and frustration in the animals while they are in our care.

Learning how to better recognize the signs of fear, anxiety, stress and frustration and how to apply simple, practical means to prevent and decrease these stressors are crucial to creating a positive experience for the animals.

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Shelter Partners

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